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The Vanessa Foundation is a non-profit charitable company. It's primary purpose is to try to help people cope with the loss of a loved one through the publishing of the book "The Soul Must Go On" which was written by our founder, Malcolm Thorogood.

All proceeds from this book and our events go to Cancer Research UK (CRUK) and Marie Currie without deduction of expenses.

Each time a new batch of books is printed Malcolm and his wife donate a sum to The Vanessa Foundation to cover the cost of their printing so that where ever you buy the book, a Cancer Research shop, from Amazon or at one of our events, the proceeds are maximised for the charities.



You can book Malcolm to give a talk based on the The Soul Must Go On. There is no charge for this providing you have a minimum of 50 persons. Malcolm's expenses in attending the venue will be met by him personally with nothing claimed from the Foundation.


The talk includes two videos and an audio of Malcolm regressed under hypnosis into a past life in 1864. it lasts about 48 minutes and Malcolm is happy to take questions afterwards.

Any entry fee you may wish to charge can go to your own charity or group but the money generated from sales of books at the talk will be for The Vanessa Foundation. At the talk the books can be purchased at the special price of £5 and Malcolm will be happy to sign copies if requested.

To book a talk please email


Kendal, 22nd November 2019.   Book Signing. The Soul Must Go On" during the interval and after "An Audience with Destiny." Castle Green Hotel. Show starts 7.00 pm.

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